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There is no other place like it. Between the dusk and dawn calls to prayer we have just scraped the surface of this megacity of 15 million.

We have visited Topkapi Palace with its incredible gold and jewell-encrusted objects and experienced the immense beauty of the Blue Mosque with its stained-glass windows and Iznik tiles - my favourite. Rex reminded Oli that we were in somebody else’s very very very special place so no mucking around . . . it's been a great experience for him and us as children are liked and treated very kindly.

We’ve allowed plenty of time for ambling through markets, having a joke with the locals and fending off the enthusiastic. Am loving the ethnic wares and delicious exotic food.

Aya Sofia will be remembered as the mosque that spiritually moved Rex. In his words "on the upper floor close to the altar, I placed my hand flat on the marble balustrade. An incredible energy seemed to pass through my body, enough for me to drop my hat and place my other hand on the balustrade. I have just turned 50 so maybe it was a minor heart attack or stroke, but hopefully just enlightenment! I told the others to try but they felt nothing. Steph, whose thumb wasn't moist after placing it in the weeping column, said it was just brain freeze from the cold marble. Oli, whose thumb was moist because he sucked on it after he took it out of the hole, said don't be stupid, you're imagining things old man. Dotty, was the only one who believed with me.

The sisters spent far more time at the spice market than Aya. Dotty came away with spices, teas and turkish delights - all guaranteed to promote Alphie to unchartered sexual heights. Steph came away with a far more expensive delight, a silver garnet ring. My energy from the enlightenment was drawn from me into the marble floor of the jewellery shop. Never mind, it was a lovely high for half a day, Steph's high from buying the ring will hopefully last
far longer."

That's it for now, We promise more reliability with posts and photos from now on. xxx

Posted by stephrexoli 01:24

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Great to hear from you finally and to hear you are having a great time - I had no doubt you would. You've cheated a bit though as most of your post is repeating the email I already had from Rex! You're going to have to step up a bit you know .... :)

by NigelW

Oh! and happy birthday sisters! xx

by NigelW

Hi guys,
great to hear your news of one of our much loved locations. the call to prayer does make the hair on the back of your neck stand up for sure. The feeling in that place we remember so well. ENJOY.
Phil & naomi.

by jeneter

Thanks guys. The call to prayer here is sometime around 4.00am. Rather than being an annoyance it just reminds us of how exotic this destination is. Loving it. A total holiday with no domestics!

by stephrexoli

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